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Civil Engineering Laboratory

Engineering Geology Laboratory

This laboratory is used by Second Year B Tech Engineering students for carrying out Practical’s of Engineering Geology. The use of this laboratory is identification of different types of rocks and understanding their behavior are the major objectives of geology. Further, development of cracks, fissures in rocks, their causes and their remedies are to be learnt in this lab.

Laboratory Equipments:

Sr. No Name of Equipment
1 Mineral Specimens (Set of 50)
2 Mohr’s Scale of Hardness - Set of 9 Minerals
3 Streak Plates
4 Pocket Lens
5 Fracture collection  (Set of 10)
6 Cleavage Collection  (Set of 10)
7 Streak Collection  (Set of 10)
8 Luster Collection  (Set of 10)
9 Crystal Collection  (Set of 10)
10 Color Collection  (Set of 10)
11 Geological Models of Earthquake, Rocks & Volcanoes, Faults & Folds, Structure of Earth
12 Multicolor Charts of Minerals, Volcanoes, Development of Rivers, Earthquake, Structure of Earth
13 Igneous Rock Specimens
14 Sedimentary Rock Specimens
15 Metamorphic Rock Specimens
16 Earthy Mineral Specimens

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