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Civil Engineering Laboratory

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory is used by TY B Tech Engineering students for carrying out Practical’s of Geotechnical Engineering. The use of this laboratory is to check the basic properties of soil of a certain area that is to be used for construction purpose. Soil properties include Atterberg’s limits, bearing capacity, liquid limit, plastic limit, moisture content, etc. The lab is equipped with equipments like: Casagrande Apparatus, Direct Shear Apparatus, Tri-axial Test Apparatus, Standard Proctor Test Apparatus, Grain Size Analysis Test Apparatus, Permeability Test Apparatus etc.

Sr. No Name of Equipment
1 Permeability Test Apparatus
2 Direct Shear Test Apparatus
3 Swell Pressure Test Apparatus
4 Unconfined Compression Testing Machine
5 Tri-axial test Apparatus
6 Liquid Limit Apparatus
7 Plastic Limit apparatus
8 Plate Bearing Test Apparatus
9 Standard Penetration Test Apparatus
10 Thermostatic Oven
11 Laboratory Vane Shear Test Apparatus

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