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Civil Engineering Laboratory

Surveying Laboratory

This laboratory is used by Second Year B Tech Engineering students for carrying out Practical’s of Surveying. The Surveying Laboratory has a wide variety of modern surveying equipment, such as GPS-based surveying equipment, total stations, Digital theodolites, and automatic levels for basic instructional and research purposes. Undergraduate students use the laboratory as an integral part of their surveying coursework and obtain any topographic information that can help their capstone design projects, such as highway design and land development.

Sr. No Name of Equipment
1 Auto Level
2 Abney Level
3 Total Station
4 Theodolite 1’’
5 Theodolite 20’’
6 Hand Level
7 Plane Table Apparatus
8 Mirror Stereoscope
10 Aerial Photographs
11 Nautical Sextant
12 Box Sextant
13 Digital Planimeter
14 Ghat Tracer
15 Parallax bar

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