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International Journals

Prof.Vinod Manure
  • Kolkure V.S, Manure V.M, Padiya I.M, Patil P.G.,“Reduce the PAPR in LDPC-COFDM system using Trigonometric Transform” International Journal of Engineering & Technical Research ( IJETR ) ISSN: 2321-0850, Volume-3, Issue-5, May 2015
  • Isha Padiya, VinodManure, Ashok Vidhate“ Visual secret sharing scheme using encrypting multiple images” International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Volume 4, Issue 1, Jan 2015.
  • Kolkure V.S. , Manure V.M, Vidhate A.D “Improving the Performance of OFDM and Reduce PAPR Using Trigonometric Transform”, International Journal (IJAREEIE), Volume 3, Issue 12, Dec 2014.
  • VINOD MANURE, KHAN R.J “Robust Image Transmission with OFDM over an AWGN Channel” 10th IRAJ International Conference, 27th October 2013, Tirupati, India. Paper ID-EECEPUN-2710-025
  • Sagar T. Payghan, Rani H. Deshmukh, Puja P. Magar,Vinod M. Manure4“Automation of Bottle Filling Plant with Industry 4.0”, International Journal(IJAREEIE), Volume 5, Issue 3, Dec 2016.
  • Vinod Manure, R.J. Khan, Shanmukh Balkunde “Robust Image Transmission with OFDM over an AWGN Channel” International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 5, Issue 2, February-2014 102 ISSN 2229-5518
  • Vinod Manure,Bhagyshree Jadhav“Modern Home Automation” Empirical journal of Interdisciplinary Research.ISSN:2454-1362 Vol-3,Issue-4,March-2016

Dr. Vishnu Suryawanshi

  • Vishnu Suryawanshi, Sachin Ahankari, Dr. G. C. Manna “A REVIEW OF SOME POPULAR HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTED ON ADVANCED ENCRYPTION STANDARD” International Journal Of Advance Research In Science And Engineering IJARSE, Vol. No.2, Issue No.10, October 2013 ISSN-2319-8354(E)
  • V.A. Suryawanshi, G. C. Manna and Dr.S.S. Dorale “Modified Logic Parallel Pipelined Architecture for Enhanced Throughput of Advanced Encryption” CiiT International Journal of Wireless Communication, Vol 6, No 09, October - December 2014. 0974-9756/CIIT–IJ-5522/05/20/100/ 2014 CiiT Published by the Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology.
  • V.A. Suryawanshi G.C. Manna, S.S. Dorale “Compact and High Speed Hardware Implementation of the Block- Cipher Clefia” International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 133 – No.8, January 2016.

International Conferences

Prof.Vinod Manure
  • Vinod Manure,R.J Khan“Robust Image Transmission with OFDM over an AWGN Channel” 10th IRAJ International Conference, 27th October 2013, Tirupati, India. Paper ID-EECEPUN-2710-025

Dr. Vishnu Suryawanshi

  • V.A.Suryawanshi Dr.G. C. Manna “Area-High Speed Design Trade-Offs for Advanced Encryption Standard Cipher Engine”. 2015 International Conference on Nascent Technologies in the Engineering Field (ICNTE-2015) 978-1-4799-7263-0/15/2015 IEEE

National Journals

Dr. Vishnu Suryawanshi

  • V.A.Suryawanshi, G.C.Manna, Dr.S.S Dorale “Optimized AES Algorithm Using Cyclic Shift Method and Design Trade in Shift Rows” National journal IEEE Pune Chapter

National Conferences

Prof.Vinod Manure
  • One day National Conference on NCETEE-13 at VVPIET,Solapur.
  • One Day National Conference on VESCOMM-2014 at VVPIET,Solapur.
  • One Day National Conference on “Advance Trend in Engineering at KEC,Shelve,Pandharpur.

Dr. Vishnu Suryawanshi

  • V.A. Suryawanshi and G.C. Manna “Compact Hardware Implementation for Advanced Encryption Standard using Feedback Method” Proceedings of National Conference on Trends in Signal Processing & Communication (TSPC’14), 12th –14th April 2014. ISBN: 978-93-83842-40-7

Book Chapters

Dr. Vishnu Suryawanshi

  • Vishnu Suryavanshi, G. C. Manna “Cryptographic Algorithms for Next Generation Wir eless Networks Security” IGI Global Publication. (Page no. 224-241) Release Date: October, 2015|Copyright: @ 2015 |Pages: 372
  • G. C. Manna, Vishnu Suryavanshi “Authentication in Next Generation Network” IGI Global Publication(Page no. 201-224) Release Date: October, 2015|Copyright: @ 2015 |Pages: 37