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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Basic Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory is useful for first year B. Tech students. The highlight of the basic Mechanical Engineering laboratory includes auxiliary components of I.C engine, working model of two stroke and four stroke cycle engines. Students are able to understand the working of different types of gears and brakes

Laboratory Equipments:

Sr. No.

Name of Equipment

1 Domestic Refrigerator Model
2 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Sectional Working Model
3 2 Stroke Petrol Engine Sectional Working Model
4 Single stage Helical Gears
5 Single stage Spiral Gears
6 Worm Gears
7 Universal Coupling
8 Hook’s Coupling (Double)
9 Flexible Coupling
10 Box or Muff Coupling
11 Single Shoe Brake
12 Double Shoe Brake
13 Band Brake
14 Band and Block Brake
15 Internal Expanding Mechanical Brake System