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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Electrical Technology Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by B. Tech Student for carrying out Practical’s related to Electrical Technology subject. The objective of the Electrical Technology lab is to expose the students to the operation of electrical machines and networks and give them experimental skill. The purpose of lab experiment is to continue to build circuit construction skills using different circuit element and check the performance characteristics of machines. It enables the students to gain sufficient knowledge on the programming and simulation of Electrical circuits and how to operate and find the efficiency of electrical machines.

Laboratory Equipments:

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Name of Equipment

1. Speed controls of DC shunt motor by flux control and armature control method.
2. Speed control of DC shunt motor by armature voltage control method.
3. Study for starter for DC shunt Motor   3- point starter
4. Load test on DC motor.
5. Load test on 3 phase induction motor.
6. Interface IR sensor, sound sensor and range sensor with ardunio.
7. Interface and control stepper motor with ardunio
8. Interface and control dc motor with ardunio
9. Interface and control servo motor with ardunio
10. Build a circuit for interfacing both sensor and actuator with ardunio board.