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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Thermodynamics Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by B. Tech Student for carrying out Practical’s related to Applied Thermodynamics subjects. The lab provides the facilities for practical understanding of Thermodynamics concepts like Construction of Fire tube and Water tube Boilers, Various Boiler Mountings, Various properties of Fuels like Flash Point, Fire Point Cloud Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, and Calorific Value of fuel by using Bomb Calorimeter.

Laboratory Equipments:

Sr. No. Name of Equipment
1 Cochran Boiler Model
2 Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Model
3 Lancashire Boiler Model
4 Lever Safety Valve Model
5 Spring loaded safety valve Model
6 Dead Weight Safety valve Model
7 Water Gauge Model
8 Steam stop valve Model
9 Feed check valve Model
10 Steam injector Model
11 Pressure gauge Model
12 Blow off cock Model
13 Cloud & Pour point of a lubricant apparatus with Digital
14 Flash & Fire point apparatus with Digital Indicator
15 Carbon residue apparatus with Digital Indicator
16 Redwood viscometer No.1 Apparatus with Digital Indicator
17 Bomb calorimeter apparatus with Digital Indicator – 0.010 C
18 Grease Penetrometer with Digital Timer
19 Reciprocating air compressor apparatus -Two Stage
20 Throttling Calorimeter or Separating and Throttling Calorimeter