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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Theory of Machine Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by B.Tech Student for carrying out Practical’s related to Theory of Machine - I subjects. The lab provides practical experience on various types Mechanisms, brakes, gear trains, governors, gear terminology, gyroscope, balancing of rotary and reciprocating masses, basics of vibration and describes the frequencies of longitudinal, transverse and torsional vibrations.

Laboratory Equipments:

Sr. No. Name of Equipment
1 Four Bar Link Mechanism
2 Reciprocating Engine Mechanism
3 Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism
4 Withworth Quick Return Mechanism
5 Pantograph Mechanism
6 Scotch Yoke Mechanism
7 Muff & Split Muff Coupling
8 Claw Clutch
9 Multiplate Clutch
10 Centrifugal Clutch
11 Conical Clutch
12 Plate Clutch
13 Motorized Governor
14 Geneva Drive
15 Pawl & Ratchet Rod Model
16 Kinematic Pairs
17 Inversion of Single Slider Crank Mechanism
18 Inversion of Double Slider Crank Mechanism
19 Grass Hoppers Straight Line Mechanism
20 Roberts Mechanism
21 Harts Mechanism
22 Scott Russell’s Mechanism
23 Gear Pump Model
24 Rotary Pump
25 Centrifugal Pump Model
26 Reciprocating Pump Model
27 Flat Belt Velocity Ratio Apparatus
28 Gear Tooth Generator
29 Static & dynamic balancing appartus
30 Universal vibration appartus
31 Motorzed gyroscope
32 MI by Bi-filar suspension, Trifilar suspension or compound pendulum.