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Mr. J S Mundrey,President,

About :: Rail Consult India(Railway experts’ views)

Indian Railways (IR) - the third largest rail transport system in the world - carries passengers equivalent to the entire population of the world, every year. They run more than 22,000 trains, carrying 8 million passengers per day and over 1,100 million tonnes of freight per annum. Today, IR is on the threshold of a renaissance as per the government’s commitment to the parliament, as mentioned below. “We in the Railways, must provide to the citizens of this country a rail system that they can be proud of, a system free from capacity constraints, a system that is efficient and predictable, a system that is sparkling and pristine, where the people of my country feel at ease, where there is plenty of choice in every sphere of activity, and the ease of doing business pervades the entire railway ecosystem.” IR is accordingly undertaking several initiatives to upgrade its infrastructure and enhance its quality of service by providing massive financial and technology inputs. The government plans to invest Rs. 9,05,000 crore to upgrade the railway network by 2020. In addition, a provision of Rs. 1,00,000 crore for a “complete safety upgrade“ by 2022 has been announced. Further narrative may continue.

Mr. Neeraj Jain,Advisor to Bhopal and Indore Metro,

About :: DB - Louis Berger Consultants(Railway experts’ views)

The railway is no longer a domain purely being run by Indian Railways, as many metro railways are coming up in the private sector. That apart, there is need for railway specialists in the private sector for sidings, private lines and lines connecting ports and industrial areas. There will be ample need for railway engineers to associate in design, construction, maintenance and operations.

Mr. Chidambaram Balakrishnan,

About :: Managing Director, Progress Rail (Railway experts’ views)

There are many traditional educational institutions imparting quality education. However, the need of the hour is to create a pool of skilled resource base with innovative capabilities as we are moving ahead to create systems and products matching global technological developments. For this purpose, we require a dedicated curriculum for developing young engineers who can be absorbed immediately on completion of their professional course and contribute to the development programs of the nation.  The rail sector offers a huge potential – be it modern rolling stock, high speed trains, track and signalling infrastructure, automated safety technology, repowering and energy & environmental management - and promises of a long-term career growth. This is one sector forever on the fast track and along with the current global supply chain and logistics tie-ups being witnessed, it has unprecedented emerging opportunities in the rail job market. Along with the above, there is a robust growth of the aligned services and maintenance job market.  Apart from OEMs, there exists the ancillary industry, which can also help create a large entrepreneurial base having the potential to grow as global suppliers. Towards this end, it would be extremely significant to have talented and smart professionals who have the capability to set up their own enterprises and thus contribute meaningfully to the economic development of the nation and help realize our honourable Prime Minister’s Vision – Make in India, Skill India and Start-up India.  India has a rich legacy of huge available talent in science and engineering and a focused railway research & engineering institute is a first step towards creating a talent pool that can add value to the existing base to help develop and absorb newer technologies in a fast and effective manner.”

Ms. Kirti Chowdhari


“MIT College of Railway Engineering & Research has the potential to provide the best education, along with various activities which help us to excel in academic as well as co-curricular areas. The workshop on Google forms and QR codes has opened so many doors to put our ideas in a variety of matrices”.

Mr. Ashok Somwanshi


 “If a student wants to improve his leadership and event management skills, MIT College of Railway Engineering & Research is the best choice. I never thought I could handle the responsibilities allotted to me for a particular event. Thanks to the faulty members and the respected Principal for having faith in me”.

Mr. Aniket Dudhat


 “To ignite our minds MITCORER had arranged a visit to Diesel Loco Shed, Pune. That was one of the remarkable visits of my life. In that particular visit we came to know about the working principles of various important parts of locomotives. That visit surely helped me to think beyond the regular curriculum.

Mr. Danish Mansuri


 “When it comes to support staff and office staff, we have the best of them. Every time we go to the office with any query or problem, it gets solved within a minute or two. I am very much obliged by the help provided by our staff members”.

Mr. Gulshankumar Naidu


 “The approach of this institute is invaluable in enhancing any aspect of one's life. Everything is going on in a very disciplined way. High performance ideas are used every day, especially practical ideas on dealing with heavy work and light schedules”.

Mr. Rohan Deshmukh


 “I am extremely grateful to the management and the Principal for their tireless efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us. During my studies, I found the college to be the best for me as the professors were able to deliver the best of education. I am happy to recommend MITCORER to everyone who are planning to make their future here”.

Mr. Gagan Verma


 “This college has the best of infrastructure you can imagine. You can never be short of opportunities once you get into this college. MITCORER has finest professors of Solapur University. The visit to Kurduwadi Railway Workshop was very interesting and helped us to ignite our minds towards railway engineering”.

Mr. Mohit Lakhara


 “As an engine gives 100% efficiency, MITCORER gives me 100% efficiency in education, career development and personality development. It also helps me to work on my extra-curricular skills. This institute has provided me a platform to explore my ideas”.

Mr. Himanshu Solanki


"I choose to learn when it comes to faculty members. They are the backbone of this institute. The faculty members of MITCORER are skilful, humble, passionate, teach from personal experience and excited to show you the way. They teach you to improve your skills, not just during the course, but even beyond”.

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