Placement Ready Program

Placement Ready Program :

MIT CORER TNP CELL Corporate Readiness Program is designed in a manner to help you make the best out of every market situation and achieve a good start in your career. The program provides advice and encouragement on how to assess your current situation and your professional opportunities and offers numerous tips on how to present yourself to the best of your advantage during the application and selection process.

The list of proposed Program is as follows:

Proposed Workshops Value Proposition
Industry Insights Sessions This will help students Explore Diverse Career Opportunities with Industry Practitioners sharing key insights on working in specific industries.
Life Skills Training This will help build confidence in both spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation, find new ways of thinking, problem-solving and decision making, etc.
Resume and Cover Letter Development Nobody can ever underestimate how important it is to have a good resume. First impressions count, and the first impression that a potential employer will have of a Bennett University Student is going to depend on how they present their resume.
Interview Training including Mock Interviews, Role Plays, Case Studies and Presentations (With Inputs from Industry Practitioners) Interviews are key for better jobs in the industry and hence training students with the best trainers for this most important selection process.
Technical Trainings Training on emerging areas and technology to give an edge to our students.
Aptitude/Reasoning/Logical Analysis It’s now a common practice for campus recruiters to conduct tests in these specific areas to gauge student ability. Training students in these specific areas will increase their employability.