Library Rules and Regulations

General Rules :

1.All library users must sign in the users register
2.Identity Card is compulsory for getting access to the library
3.User should maintain peace and should not disturb other readers in the library.
4.While entering the library, user should leave his/her personal belongings such as bags, personal books etc. at the property counter. Loose papers and note books may however be taken into the library.
5.Do not keep any valuables such, mobile phones, ATM cards etc. in the property counter.
Library Staff is not responsible for loss of any such valuables.
6.Users leaving the library should permit the library staff to examine their personal belongings if asked.
7.Smoking/eating/use of mobile phone/drinking/sleeping/chatting is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
8.The Librarian may suspend library service of a student if he/she misbehaves in the library.
9.User of the library should not deface, misplace, mark, cut or damage the reading materials in any way. Persons doing so are liable to be fine heavily apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damage. In case a Pearson repeats the offences second time his/her library card would be impound and the membership terminated.
10.If any student is found indulging in book hiding, stealing or mutilating, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.
11.The member would satisfy himself before leaving the issue counter as to whether the book is in good condition or not otherwise he/she may be held responsible.